We’ve Been Working on the Railroad!

SunRail’s southern expansion into Osceola County began April 1, 2016 with four new stations now under construction at Meadow Woods in Orange County, and the Tupperware Station, downtown Kissimmee Station and the Poinciana Station in Osceola County. Plans also include double tracking most of the corridor, improving grade crossings and building the four new stations and platforms.

Construction updates and road closures required to accommodate this work will be posted at right, and pictures will be posted periodically to show our progress. Please check back frequently for updates, or contact Carolyn Fitzwilliam at Carolyn.Fitzwilliam@dot.state.fl.us or 407-637-7461 for the latest information on Phase 2 South construction progress. We look forward to seeing you on board in summer 2018!

For information on SunRail fares, schedules and amenities, please visit SunRail.com or contact our Customer Service Center, weekdays between 5:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m., at 855-724-5411. And remember, SunRail cares about your safety. Around railroad tracks, be smart and be safe.

Be Smart. Be Safe.

Safety is SunRail’s top priority. Please be careful around construction zones, obey detours and always watch out for trains. Be smart. Be safe.

To schedule a safety presentation for your business, school or community group, please contact info@sunrail.com.

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